What’s It Like To Live in Rural Kingston?



Kingston is a beautiful city with blooming opportunities for people of any profession or background. Being a fairly big city (population) 117,210 with an extensive history, Kingston houses some of the finest institutions in Ontario. What is it like to enjoy the finer parts of Kingston and what it has to offer without having to, well.. actually live in the city?



country living in rural kingston
Country Living in Rural Kingston



“Is Living In Rural Kingston Truly a ‘Best of Both Worlds’ Scenario?”





Kingston is surrounded by regions supporting the secluded lifestyle; from Amherstview to Elginburg there are plenty of options for living in Kingston’s Rural Areas. Unlike Toronto, the commute to the city doesn’t need to take up 20% of your day, and you still get to enjoy all of the best things about living in the country. But are there negative repercussions to buying a beautiful country-side home 25 minutes away? Or is living in Rural Kingston truly a “Best of Both Worlds” scenario? We’ll have to weight out some of the pros and cons of living in Kingston’s country side.

Slow Reception

We’ve all dealt with a slow internet connection at some point in our lives. We always take our access to a fast connection for granted until we have to deal with loading a webpage at the speed of a snail who swam in glue. It is not uncommon to be faced with poor internet package options in the country; but there is still hope! Luckily in 2016, we are now capable of receiving signals faster than ever, so country-side connection isn’t quite as big of a problem as it once was!


Heat & Hydro

Having access to basic amenities like hydro is a big point for city living. Many people won’t like having to choose natural gas and well water; but others might see it as one of the best parts of country living, adding to the rural lifestyle feel of living in the country.


The Commute

The commute to your job downtown or to the Cataraqui Centre is obviously a significant downside to living outside of the city. Missing out on the convenience of getting to your 9-5 within 10 minutes is definitely a point taken off of living in Kingston’s outskirts, and could even make or break a home buying decision for some people! So what makes living outside of the city worth the morning drive?


Beautiful Properties for Great Deals

A home outside of the city will always be sold for a better value than one closer to the urban areas. The location alone will land you a tremendous deal on some beautiful homes since the competition for country homes isn’t as high as those that are located in a convenient area. One can also expect to receive quite a significantly larger amount of acreage outside of town, allowing enough space for all kinds of outdoor amenities and projects!


Country living in itself contains some of the finest things in life. Having a beautiful space to yourself is most desirable and can end up saving quite a lot of money. It may not be worth it for those looking for the most convenient location close to town, however depending on one’s needs and values, it is the perfect option for those who don’t mind the extra commute.

If you’re looking for a country home in close proximity to Kingston, give us a call at 613.483.5444 or email us at info@reri.ca and we’ll be sure to get you connected to the home of your dreams!


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