What would you do?

What would you do?

Posted on August 8, 2019

Jordan McGregor

Sometimes deals don’t always go smoothly. When they don’t, it’s important you have a realtor who sees you as more than just a paycheque.

When you buy a home, you have some expectations. It’s a big purchase and you believe – or you hope – that the person you’re buying from will respect you, your time, and your money.

And yet sometimes, this happens.

In case you’re wondering, those little black spots are animal poop. Yes, everyone knew it was there before we closed. Yes, it was in the purchase agreement that it should be cleaned up before our buyer moved in. And yet this is what greeted us the other day upon closing.

And if you thought that was all, check out the ‘housewarming’ gifts that were left for our buyer!

Unfortunately, none of it has any dollar value – no, not even to the guys and gals from Storage Wars.

Our buyer was moving from another country to this place. While it would have been ideal to delay closing until these issues were addressed, it was just not possible with an international move.

So, imagine his disappointment. Imagine the frustration of his brand new house not being move-in ready. The seller’s tenant left their new home (and backyard!) full of garbage, and a crawl space full of animal poop. What a terrible introduction to Kingston.

What would you do? More importantly, what would your realtor do?

At Real Estate Reimagined, we talk a big game about our customer service. And here was an opportunity for us to walk the talk. So, I got my phone and wallet out and I called some cleaners in. This place is now professionally spic and span – top to bottom – as it should have been from the beginning.

For some in real estate, the relationship ends once the ink dries on the page. If that has been your experience, please give us a call anytime and put us to the test!


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“Jordan McGregor introduced us to how ReRi works with a PowerPoint presentation at our kitchen table. Staging our house is included as part of their service as are high-quality video and photo tours. Our humble house looked amazing! We accepted an offer in two days. Louis came by with the SOLD sign just so we could have our picture taken with it. Jordan helped us buy our new house and was often conservative in negotiation. Respecting the client’s wishes is an absolute for him. The moving concierge service helped me get organized online with all I had to do with address changes. As I was on the phone at my work getting an insurance quote, I was texting him questions and he was responding immediately so I didn’t have to call the agent back. These are some concrete examples of the wonderfully high level of service we experienced with Jordan as our realtor. Then there’s the solid personality of the man, his curiosity and optimism that is fun to be around. We recommend Jordan very very highly.”

Sarah Hedberg

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“We had a terrific experience working with the team at Real Estate Reimagined! This was our first time buying a home and Jordan and Louis helped us navigate the process from start to finish. When the perfect listing came up, they worked with us to register an offer in less than 24 hours and close the deal in less than a week. During this time, they were extremely approachable, knowledgeable, and responsive! With busy schedules, we could not have done this without their help and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.”

Akshay Rajaram

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“Jordan is very clearly passionate about what he does! He was willing to work (overtime) with our very specific requirements to get our houses sold and get us the new property we love! We provide a challenge and Jordan stepped up. Thank you!”

Tessa Schachter

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