What should I look for in a realtor?

What should I look for in a realtor?

Posted on May 22, 2019

Jordan McGregor


Sales Representative


Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life.

Sure, there’s the financial aspect – trading your hard-earned cash (and maybe taking on some debt!) for a place to call your own. Also consider the impact it has on every aspect of your day. Moving into a new neighbourhood means meeting new people. It means new commutes to work, or daycare, or school, or the grocery story. It’s a new space for you to grow old in, or for your kids to grow up in.

It’s a big decision. So, when you’re looking for that perfect property, you want to make sure you have the best advice and support.

The same goes when you’re selling your home. You have a lot to worry about: finding a new place to live, packing, keeping your home clean for showings, and adjusting to your new routine. Having the right support in place during these times of change is crucial.

We’re a tad biased, but of course we believe a REALTOR® should be a part of your team in these moments. Investing in a relationship with a realtor can ensure you get the best deal on one of the biggest purchases of your life, and take away some of the important – yet time consuming – work of finding you the right property or buyer and ensuring all the paperwork gets done.

How do you know if you have selected the right realtor for your team?

  1. Client satisfaction

A realtor can be in your life for a very short, yet important, time. We’re hardwired to recommend who we know – if I ask you who the best hair stylist is in town, you’re likely going to recommend yours even if you have never visited any other salons in town.

If you have ever asked friends if they can recommend a realtor, they will probably recommend theirs. Yet if their reaction is even a little bit lukewarm, it is likely their relationship with that realtor was just a transaction – the realtor was there to collect a cheque.

It is always fascinating to us how many of our clients come from referrals (which we always appreciate!). Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to make smart decisions – and that approach consistently earns the Real Estate Reimagined team top marks from our clients.

  1. Innovation

Real estate has changed in recent years – has your realtor? Are they waiting for the calls to come, or are they working to get your home sold? Are they still trying to sell you on the importance of newspaper ads, broker tours, and other tactics?

While these tactics can be helpful, they can also be expensive and time consuming. Your realtor should be embracing more innovative strategies, like paid digital advertising that is targeted to ideal buyers, referral networks, and customized programs and advice to help you find the right property and sell for top dollar.

For some clients, they hear all this and think, “What’s wrong with just picking the cheapest option? Can’t I just sell it myself? How hard could it be?”

Remember that the less your realtor or the for sale by owner “service” is charging you, the less you’re getting. Oftentimes, it doesn’t cost you as a seller any more money to use a full-service team than it does to hire a single agent who is less established.

The same goes for buying a home. Kingston is becoming a very competitive real estate market and you need a team that is going to think differently to get you the right home at the right price!

  1. Experience

Does your realtor own their own home? Do they make money from real estate through investment properties? How many properties do they buy or sell in a year?

Too often in Kingston, the answer to these questions is no, no, and next to none.

Now, we’re not picking on realtors who are in this situation – everyone starts somewhere! However, it is important, as a buyer or seller, to know who you are working with – especially if you’re working with a solo realtor who does not have an experienced and successful team backing them up.

Ask questions and, if you get pushback, you might not have found the right partner.

Who are we working with, you ask?

Recently, Real Estate Reimagined became Kingston’s only real estate team to earn the McGillivray Mark Trusted Agent designation from Scott McGillivray of HGTV.

Agents in the McGillivray Mark program are among Canada’s top realtors, and are are selected based on their excellence in client satisfaction, depth of experience, marketing, and ability to deliver results.

We’re aligning ourselves with Scott because, like us, he believes in taking an innovative and client-centred approach to his work.

Watch this short video for a message from Scott and, if you’d like to know more or book a free home valuation, contact us.

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“Jordan McGregor was amazing to work with! He was very patient and knowledgeable and took a lot of time helping us to find the house of our dreams! …We would totally recommend him for your next home buying or selling experience.”

Terri Vallier

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“I have bought and sold a lot of property over the years and hands down Jordan is the BEST realtor I’ve ever used…I can’t say enough good things about Jordan & Louis. Don’t make a mistake and go with someone who isn’t qualified. Interview these guys and you’ll be sold!!”

James Richards

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“Jordan gave an impressive presentation explaining what he planned to do on our behalf, promising loyalty to us, his clients! He did NOT disappoint!”

Sue Shurrock

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