RealEstate Reimagined on Home Renovations

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How to pick the right contractor for your home renovations.

  • How to Plan Ahead
  • How to Avoid Bad Contractors
  • How to Accomplish Your Vision

Number one question is: why is a budget so important with renovations?

  • Renovations can get expensive. Making sure you have a contingency fund is a must, setting aside around 20% is probably a good number to stick with.

Where should people start to look when looking for a contractor?

  • Generally word of mouth is the best type of referral, but check the internet, research your local Home Builder’s association.

What are some red flags people should be aware of when looking for a contractor?

    • Make sure your contractor has:
      • Proper Licence
      • Proper Insurance
      • WSIB

If there is one thing you can tell a home owner before starting a renovation, what would it be?

  • Have a plan
  • Most people use engineers, architects, designers, and talented home builders
  • Blueprints and drawings are a good way to prevent any problems from occurring

So remember when you are a picking a contractor:

  • Check for references & insurance
  • Projects Require Proper Plans
  • Set a Realistic Budget


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