Real Estate Roundup – July 10, 2019


  1. Deepwater dock in Kingston could cost $4.5 million, report shows

Is it worth $4.5 million to renovate the wharf at 1 Queen St. so Kingston can tap into the flourishing Great Lakes cruise ship sector?

2. New Kingston airport may attract more airlines, city officials say

The almost-complete renovations to the airport, the results of a 14-month, $16 million investment, were officially unveiled Friday.

3. Council to consider downtown college campus

Less parking, more students could be in the cards for the downtown core – what will this mean for downtown real estate?


4. REM: Climate change and the real estate industry

Climate change is an emerging risk affecting the value of real estate. Chris Chopik, sales rep for Toronto-based Sage Real Estate,  raises the need for innovation in the housing industry in his masters paper.

5. Financial Post: Top tips for taming the costs of buying and selling a home at the same time

This video offers step-by-step advice for repeat homebuyers, including how to avoid the major pitfall of the buyer’s agency agreement.


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