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Born into the industry, Louis has been a people person since he was young. This Queen’s University graduate began a career in real estate out of the necessity to help his community through the complex transactions of buying and selling homes. Over the years his career has blossomed from passionate word of mouth loyalty of those he has helped.

Shortly after establishing a foothold in the industry, Louis realized that exceptional service, expert negotiations, and honest consultation should be table stakes for any agent, not a point of differentiation. He was inspired to do something different and raise the bar by finding ways to add new value to the industry through close collaboration with his clients.

Louis was fortunate enough to find a peer and a partner in Jordan, and together they have started to redefine the experience of buying and selling a home. Driven to innovate an industry that is ripe for change, and fuelled by the passion to better serve his community, Louis has embarked on a mission to reimagine real estate.

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The connections with local contractors and business owners we’ve developed in our careers give our clients an advantage when moving into their new home.  Whether you need an appraiser, contractor, movers, or personal suggestions, we’ve got you covered.


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