A Look Inside: Sydenham


As one of Kingston’s oldest neighbourhoods, Sydenham encompasses not only some the cities most stunning limestone buildings but contains numerous parks and thriving businesses as well. The majority of the neighbourhood is a mixture of permanent homes and various rental accommodations.

Ensuring the best interests of the neighborhood is the Sydenham District Association, which was formed in the 1960s to provide a voice for those in the community to the city of Kingston. They meet monthly and are happy to hear any concerns or proposals from those in the district.


Sydenham MapSo what actually delineates the neighbourhood? Officially, Sydenham is located in Kingston Central, and is bound by Princess Street to the north, the Great Cataraqui River to the southeast and Barrie Street to the west. Adjacent to the scenic neighbourhood are Queen’s and Inner harbor. The neighbourhood has a mixture of business and retail locations on its east and north sides as it approaches Princess Street. The waterfront is just a walk away and is home to various parks and the Kingston Yacht Club.


Sydenham HouseThe rich history is what gives the neighbourhood it’s unique character and charm. With the first homes in this district being built in the 1850s you can see the influences of Victorian style and the use of limestone throughout. Many of the homes in the area retain their historic exteriors while being fully renovated inside. The neighbourhood also contains various museums and old towers from the wartime era such as Murney Tower. It’s hard to not fall in love with the charm of the buildings and surroundings of the Sydenham district.


RowhouseThe total population for the area, according to the most recent census, is 3,447 people, with a total of 2,061 occupied dwellings. When looking at the population, the impact of the adjacent neighbourhood Queen’s becomes apparent. The largest portion of the population is residents aged 20-29, with a fair portion of seniors calling the neighbourhood home as well. The average family income for the area is $85,636, which is considerably higher than the city average.

The largest portion of dwellings in the area are low-rise apartment buildings, followed by row houses and single detached houses. There is certainly something for everyone within the neighbourhood. 

Notable Surroundings

SpringerSquareNot only are the beautiful homes a staple of the area but there are also various notable attractions within the district. Cathedrals, libraries and numerous limestone city buildings, such as the courthouse City Hall can be found within the district. Springer Square, the heart of the downtown area is also found within this neighbourhood, if you get a chance, take a trip there this winter for a free skate.

Did we mention the food? This neighbourhood also contains some of Kingston’s best restaurants. Whether you’re craving a delectable pizza, some find French food, or a comforting burger – Sydenham has it all within walking distance.

Check It Out

As one of Kingston’s numerous, 43 to be exact, neighbourhoods, Sydenham offers some of the cities most charming limestone buildings, beautiful waterfront properties, historic buildings and various apartment complexes – there is variety of dwelling types for all tastes. Excitement is only a walk away as the neighbourhood borders Kingston’s vivacious downtown scene. It’s well worth a stroll down these streets; go on give it a look.

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