If Your Realtor is Doing This… FIRE THEM.


If Your Realtor is Doing This… FIRE THEM.

Your sales rep could be costing you thousands!

Posted on January 31st, 2019

Photography is one of the most important aspects when selling your home. The photos are the first, and arguably most important things a buyer will see when viewing your home online.

The importance of using professional photography when selling your home cannot be stressed enough, as it can even drastically affect the sale price of your home.

If your Realtor puts your listing up with photos that look like the following, you may want to find your way out of that contract.


1. Poorly Lit Rooms

A buyer needs proper lighting in order to visualize the home properly. Natural sunlight and overhead lighting work wonders.



2. Bad Angles

Photos of pools should be angled from the ground up to make it look larger and more “resort-like”. Top down angles will simply make it look small and underwhelming.



3. Open up the blinds

All blinds should be open to allow natural sunlight into a home. There is NO reason to have 2 windows blocked off when photographing a home.



4. Poor framing

Where is the shower-head? Why is the window cropped out? This photo sacrificed important elements of the stand up shower in exchange for more of the floor. Photos should include all of the important aspects of the featured item.



5. Tidy up!

If your home is rented out, send the tenants a few dollars to clean up their room before showings and photography. A tidy room can go a long way!



6. Artistic VS Practical

Usually a room will present better if it doesn’t look like it’s a shot from the next Paranormal Activity.




7. Professional VS DIY

This photo was clearly taken on a mobile phone. Your Realtor should be outsourcing photography to ensure that your listing looks pristine.



8. Are those… dust particles?

Using a camera’s built-in flash can bring out the worst in a room. The quick, overly bright light can reflect off of dust in a way that looks quite unappealing.




9. …

Actually there’s nothing wrong with this one. I’m not sure how it got on this list.



At Real Estate Reimagined, we take pride in presenting all of our listings with professional photography because we know the effect it has on the sale price on a home. For examples, check out the photography on our listings here https://realestatereimagined.ca/our-listings/

If you’re looking to sell your home, and want to know the best way to present it to buyers, call us anytime at 613.483.5444, we look forward to hearing from you!

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