How To Pick a Realtor

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How to pick a realtor, the do’s and don’ts of real estate, 6 red flags to watch out for

One of the most important parts of picking a realtor is trust

Picking a realtor is very important, your realtor is going to embark on one of the biggest events of your life and knowing how to pick your realtor is very important.

Firstly, one of the most important things to have when working with a realtor is trust, especially as they will be helping you with one of the biggest transitions in your life and you need to be able to trust their advice and actions. Secondly, you will also need to keep in mind is their knowledge of the market. A good gage for this is learning whether they are relevant, and if they are selling lots of houses. Thirdly, is your realtor upto date with todays technology? Real estate is ever growing in the online world and is becoming more and more computer driven. Fourthly, are their past clients happy with their experiences with your realtor? And lastly, remember to answer your phone as real estate can be a very fast moving process and missing a call or taking too long to respond could mean the difference between winning, or losing, your dream home.

The do’s and don’ts of real estate:

  • Get pre-approved
  • Don’t go over budget
  • Don’t bug the biggest house
  • Think re-sale; The average person sells their home every 3 in a half years

Six red flags to watch out for when chosing a real estate agent for you:

  • An agent who suggests you list high; This can often means selling for less and potentially taking longer to sell.
  • A part-time agent; This is a service based industry and you need an agent that will be working when you do, that is capable of responding to phone calls and e-mails to help get you the results you need.
  • A relative; Be weary of relatives. Be sure the agent you chose is capable of providing the service that you need.
  • Doesn’t know the market; You want to use an agent that knows your market, otherwise you could end up over paying or underselling your home at your market value.
  • No online marketting presence; We live in a fast pace and information driven society and having an agent that is connected to the world of technology will always work better for you.
  • Discounted Commission; An agent that discounts their service and abilities run the risk of underselling and under representing you and your property.

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