Has COVID got you on the move?

Have you been spending some more time indoors lately as a result of COVID-19? Those of us who have been stuck in our homes don’t seem to be enjoying the experience.

Whether it’s finally noticing all those tiny imperfections in the drywall, or hearing the neighbours’ loud (yet socially distant) parties, or feeling like you wish you had more yard to run around in (or less yard to maintain), listings are up in Kingston. And not just a little bit.

Here are some key facts from June’s real estate sales numbers that might surprise you:

  • Home sales in June increased 22.2% from last year, reaching a new sales record for the month!
  • The average price in homes sold in June increased by 12.7% versus June of 2019, and is up 10.4% so far this year!

In other words, not only are sales happening but it is actually a great time to sell your home!

Likewise, it’s a good time to be an investor. Home prices have unfortunately put homeownership out of reach for some, which means the demand for rentals remains quite high.

However, before you start fielding offers on your home, caution is required. Some unlicensed ‘professional home buyers’ from out of town are duping people in Kingston with low-ball offers. They are scaring people into selling their homes well below market value so they can resell the home to an investor at actual market value.

We understand that times are tough and confusing, and yet the last thing we want you to do is sell your home in a panic to a shady ‘home buyer’. If you have been approached by one of these individuals, or if COVID-19 has you looking for a change in scenery, work with a licensed realtor and get a free home valuation. We’d be pleased to help – call or text 613-483-5444, or email info@reri.ca.

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