5 Ways Canadian Military Homeowners are Selling Smartly in 2018

Every year, members of our Canadian Military are forced to sell their home before their posting to another city. Unfortunately, selling a home isn’t as easy as putting a sign in the front lawn anymore, and many of our Canadian Personnel are having to face the burden of dual ownership and owning a vacant home in the cities they’re being posted from. Posting season can be stressful, and those who aren’t proactive and making smart decisions during their posting end up having a much harder time selling their home in the limited time they are given. Read on to find out the proven ways members of the Canadian Armed Forces have been avoiding Dual Ownership, and how they plan to sell AS FAST AS POSSIBLE during this year’s posting season.



Price It Right

When selling with time restrictions, Military Homeowners can’t afford to test the market- even the slightest bit of overpricing can translate into a much longer listing period, and may even cost them dollars in the end. Smart Military Home-Sellers know that they need to price it right the first time to ensure their home will sell fast, and for an attainable price.


Sell The Sizzle

First impressions matter. Over 7000 homes were listed in Kingston last year (2017.) Your home needs to stand out. The homes that sold the fastest each had a focus on excellent presentation, standing out from the competition with beautiful staging and professional photography.


Hire a Professional With a Record of Fast Sales

A Real Estate Agent with a strong marketing plan and proven track record will always be the better option for all Home Sellers. This is especially true for members of the military as due to the time restrictive nature of a posting, they don’t have time to sell slowly.


GUARANTEE Your Home’s Sale

Once in a while, you’ll come across a Real Estate Professional that can afford to offer you a Guaranteed Sale of your home due to their confidence in themselves, their track record, and the market conditions. They will charge a slightly higher commission fee than an average Real Estate Sale, and in return, their sellers have the peace of mind knowing that their home WILL sell. No matter what. Military Homeowners have been taking advantage of these programs to avoid dual ownership in distant cities.


When in Doubt, Rent it out!

If a Military Home Seller didn’t sign a guarantee, and their home sale was unsuccessful, their next smartest decision is to rent their vacant property. This allows them to keep their finances afloat before they are forced to relist their home at a later date. (If they’re lucky, the headache of distant Homeownership may translate into extra income.)


You likely won’t want to get caught with the struggle of Dual Ownership this season. If you are a military homeowner that is being posted out of Kingston, consider hiring a professional that will sell your home BEFORE your posting. Real Estate Reimagined is Kingston’s #1 Real Estate Team- In 2017 our listings sold over 31% faster than the market average. For 2018, we are offering members of our Canadian Military a GUARANTEE that we will sell your home before your posting- or we will buy it. CLICK HERE To Fill Out A Quick Application to find out if you are eligible to receive this offer.


We wish you the best and hope your posting goes well this 2018! 🙂


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