Applying 20/20 vision to your 2020

It’s a place you spent a lot of time in 2019, and somewhere you will probably spend much of 2020.

Yet how often do we stop on New Year’s Eve and make resolutions about our home?

Oh sure, some of us with mortgage debt might stop and think about how we plan to throw a few extra dollars the bank’s way in the new year.

Maybe you have a renovation project in mind (or already underway?) or some ambitious landscaping ideas for the spring.

But ask yourself: do you still want to be where you are in a year? If you will stay, does anything need to change? And is 2020 the right time to make a change either to your home or to your real estate portfolio?

We’re big believers in the expression, “what gets measured gets done.” So, while you are goal setting for the new year, why not apply a bit of 2020 vision to your home or any properties you own or live in?

Happy New Year to everyone in Kingston and beyond! Here’s to a new year brimming with hope and opportunity.

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