A Look Inside: Alwington


As one of Kingston’s oldest and wealthiest neighbourhoods, Alwington offers some of the most beautiful and scenic properties in all of Kingston. This historic neighbourhood nestled west of Kingston’s lively downtown core, dates back to the mid-nineteenth century and offers beautiful views of the water coupled with convenient location.

A range of housing types and prices can be found within the neighbourhood and while most skew to the more expensive, the area’s charm is undeniable.


Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.46.17 PMLocated minutes from the downtown core, Alwington is bounded by Union Street to the North, Albert Street to the east, the scenic Lake Ontario to the south and Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard to the west. Surrounding neighbourhoods include Sunnyside, Portsmouth, the closed down Kingston Penitentiary, and the vibrant Queen’s neighbourhood, home to Kingston’s largest post secondary institution.

Within the neighbourhood various parks, including a private one located on the neighbourhood’s namesake Alwington Place, bring a touch of greenery to the area.


Many of the buildings located in Alwington date from the mid nineteenth century to the early twentieth, with numerous historic mansions, including Bellevue House home Canada’s first Prime Minister and Alwington House, which served as the Governor General’s house when Kingston was the Capital of Canada. The neighbourhood is also home to St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital, a teach hospital established in 1946.

The overall charm and historic buildings are a treat to tour, and offer an insightful look into the city’s rich history. Most homes in the area were built during or before the 1960’s giving them a distinct look and feel, yet have managed to remain modern and fresh in today’s real estate market.


alwington-3_1-jpgOver 1,000 residents call the neighbourhood home, living in approximately 420 occupied dwellings. Single-detached homes, apartment complexes (less than 5 stories) and row houses, make up the largest portion of dwellings in the area, with an average of 2.4 people residing in private households. In terms of the ages found within the neighbourhood, there is a fairly wide spread, with a large portion falling between 40 to 60 with a significant amount between 20 to 24 due to the proximity to the school and various sections that offer student housing.

Most properties in the neighbourhood do fall on the more expensive side of the spectrum; however, as one of the oldest and most exclusive areas in the city this doesn’t come as a surprise, and the beautiful homes speak for themselves.

Notable Surroundings

f5cdf8dc6d10622737e2350a9742f7d039a487d9Only a few minutes from the city’s downtown core, Alwington offers both the convenience of the downtown amenities such as shops and restaurants yet is far enough removed to give it an enclosed and peaceful neighbourhood feel.

Lake Ontario park offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and can be found on the southeastern edge of the neighbourhood.

Check It Out

If you’re looking for beautiful properties, lakeside parks and a convenient location then a stop by Alwington is a necessity as you search for that perfect home. As the weather warms up make sure to take a walk along the water after looking at some of the stunning homes.

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